Student Grading Survey Grades 3-12

This survey is to gather student input on the new grading policy that was implemented this year. The Grading Committee will use this information along with teacher surveys and statistical data to evaluate the policy and make a decision about possible modifications.

* 1. I am in the following grade:

* 2. I get

* 3. I go on the Parent Portal to see my grades:

* 4. Please describe how hard you work on assignments:

* 5. When my teacher gave me assignments back,

* 6. Research shows that when teachers grade open-ended responses (questions where there can be more than one correct answer), it is rare that different teachers grading the same paper award the same numerical score. The move to letter grades instead of number grades was based on this research. Based on this knowledge, getting letter grades instead of numbers is fine with me.

* 7. To make it fair, all teachers who teach the same course should grade the same. For Example: teachers of Language Arts 6 should require the same numbers of major tests and projects.

* 8. The new grading policy had little effect on student effort.

* 9. . Student attendance was better this year. That’s because student grades were better so kids liked coming to school better.

* 10. It was easier to get a passing average this year.

* 11. It was harder to get an A this year.

* 12. Please explain why you think it was harder or easier to get an A this year.

* 13. An “A” in the CLASSWORK Category that counts 20% has the same affect as an“A” in the TESTS Category that counts 40%.

* 14. Class Honors Question
Valedictorian is the class honor awarded to the graduating student that achieves the highest average of all classes in high school and Salutatorian is awarded to the student with the second highest average.
Typically, the difference between Valedictorian and Salutatorian (second best) is one tenth to one thousandth of a point. Sometimes the difference is due to one particular course where one student has a teacher who grades harder and another student has a teacher for the same course who grades easier.
Many school systems have eliminated Valedictorian/salutatorian because they believe that differences of just a hundredth or thousands of a point is meaningless.

Instead they provided class honors for the top 3%, the top 5%, and the top 10%, finding that merit and effort is more fairly recognized. Class rank is still provided on transcripts and provided to colleges.

What would be your preference for Class honors?

* 15. I liked the new grading system because:

* 16. Something that I didn’t like about the new grading system was:

* 17. A helpful change in the grading system would be:

* 18. Please add anything that you feel wasn’t covered above.