HALA and proposed up-zoning

Please note that this survey is anonymous.

* 1. How familiar are you with each of the following?

  Not at all familiar Not so familiar Somewhat familiar Very familiar Extremely familiar
The Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda (HALA) in Seattle
The proposed HALA up-zoning within the Madison-Miller Residential Urban Village

* 2. The city is considering a proposal to expand the boundaries of the Madison-Miller Residential Urban Village (RUV) and re-zone all residences within the urban village as multi-family. Based on community feedback, the Madison-Miller Park Community group has adopted several principles that we believe will help encourage density and growth that benefits all of us. How strongly do you agree or disagree with the following principles?

  Strongly disagree Somewhat disagree Neither agree nor disagree Somewhat agree Strongly agree
Balance affordable family-oriented housing density (two and three bedrooms units) with one-bedroom and studio units, maintains existing Residential Small Lot (RSL) zoning, and allows 3 (LR1) and 4 (LR2) story up-zoning on streets with bus routes.
Optimize affordability and livability by keeping affordable housing dollars generated by development within our urban village, subsidizing locally owned small businesses within the urban village, and retain front and back yard set-backs and trees.
Mandate infrastructure improvements and additions concurrent with increases in density (E.g. Upgrade sewer lines, upgrade and bury utility lines, accessible public green spaces, public transportation, and designated parking).
Distribute the cost of affordable housing city-wide, rather than being limited to Residential Urban Villages.

* 3. Please rate which of these transit and infrastructure projects are most important to you.

  Not at all important Somewhat important Moderately important Very important Extremely important
Upgrade main sewer lines  
Upgrade and bury utility lines
Resurface roads
Provide accessible public green spaces
Upgrade rain and stormwater management
Establish pedestrian and cyclist greenways
Improve Public transportation

* 4. Do you have any other feedback on the city's HALA up-zoning proposal for the Madison-Miller Residential Urban Village that you'd like to share with us?