Who is participating in the survey?
     The entire Ben Franklin Class of 1979 is invited to participate. 

Does it matter if I'm going to the 35th reunion?
     Not at all -- we want everyone to answer!
Why should you answer the questions?
     Don't YOU want to know what's going on in our collective lives?
     The questions are (intended to be) fun, quick and easy.

What happens with my answers?
     Of course, they'll be tallied and shared.  
     But they'll be shared only with those who answer.  How's that for motivation?

So what's next?
     Take two minutes and complete the survey.  Its divided into seven sections:
     Education, Religion, Politics, Family, Health, Where You Live and Just for Fun

NOTE: There's still time to register to come our 35th reunion on June 21 and 22 in New Orleans.  Cut and paste this link for information:  https://classof79.eventbrite.com.  If you have quesitons about the reunion, contact Jenny Kottler at jenny@kottlerworks.com.

Hope to hear from you before June 14!

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