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You are participating in this survey if you are a stay at work mom or a stay at home dad and have an opinion about families who have chosen this lifestyle! (Not that there's anything wrong with that!)

You are pioneers in American society – in the world! Your choice is still unique! Let’s talk about it, not hide it! Please take a minute to reflect on what works, what’s funny, what’s not so funny, how to solve the challenges, any advice and, most importantly, how to confidently react when others don’t quite understand why you’ve made this “non-traditional” choice.

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WHAT YOU WILL NEED: ~30 minutes (you might want a cup of coffee or your fave drink nearby), you'll need to start thinking about your stories, too, BUT DON'T WORRY - You can save and return if you need to stop and start the survey later!

... and at the end of the survey, if you want to be a part of our pioneering group of families to be interviewed for our pending book on the topic - tell us that, too, and we'll call you very soon!

THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR GREAT INPUT! Have Fun and be proud - it truly is a privilege to have one parent stay home with your child!

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