1. 2017 Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey

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Community Counseling Center of Central Florida LLC is committed to providing you with the highest quality of care. We would appreciate your opinions, as it will help us to serve you better. Use the following scales to reply to our questions. Check the answer that most describes your response to the statement or questions. Thank you in advance for taking the time to offer your valuable feedback to our agency.

* 1. When your organization's staff communicates with CCCCF do they feel respected and valued?

* 2. When your clients are referred to CCCCF and screened for services do you feel like they are screened and seen for an intake appointment in a timely manner?

* 3. When your organization refers clients to CCCCF do you feel we act in a professional and responsive way to your referral needs?

* 4. Do you receive both timely and adequate documentation in response to referrals made and later mutual clients served?

* 5. The quality of behavioral health services delivered by CCCCF is

* 6. How much improvement did you see in your client's behavior after receiving CCCCF's services?

* 7. Are there any other specific services you would like to see CCCCF provide to your clients?

* 8. Would you recommend CCCCF's services to another case management organization, a Guardian Ad Litem, another referral source, or even a family member or friend?

* 9. Please provide CCCCF with any additional comments so that we may improve our services to you. THANK YOU for taking the time to complete this survey and give us your valuable feedback.