1. IOR Global Services Application

Thank you for your interest in a part-time teaching assignment with IOR Global Services (www.iorworld.com). Please answer these questions completely in order to be considered.

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* 12. Please list your professional references. These may include school administrators, colleagues, or students with whom you have worked.

We will only contact your references if you are offered a position.

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* 15. Please describe the activities and structure that you use in your first lesson with an intermediate-level student.

* 16. What year did you start teaching?

* 17. What age students do you have experience teaching? Check all that are true.

* 18. What size classes have you taught?

* 19. Do you have experience teaching "virtual" classes (online, over Skype or a similar platform)?

* 20. Do you have Microsoft Excel on your computer?

* 21. Please briefly describe any breaks you have taken from teaching, or other work experience.

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Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm CHICAGO time.

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