* 1. Have you ever suffered from any of the following as a result of working in Parliament?

* 2. If you have suffered from Bullying, stress etc as a result of your job, hours, MP. How did you respond?

* 3. How frequently do you work more than your contracted hours?

* 4. If yes to the Overtime Question. Do you claim overtime?

* 5. Do you use or does your employer encourage you to make use of the option for an eye-test (and glasses/contact lenses) out of the IPSA budgets or the Occupational Health Requirements/Services?

* 6. Have you every been required to undertake a task or role outside your job description, that you were not happy to do?

* 7. Have you had a payrise or incremental rise in the last two years?

* 8. Have you ever received a reward or recognition payment?

* 9. Has your work load (or the workload overall in your office) increased over the last two years?

* 10. Please feel free to give any other comments related to your work load, working conditions, hours etc.

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