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Guardian of Faith:

The honor of Guardians of Faith is awarded to those individuals who love God and the Catholic Church and are members of the healing professions and their affiliates who exemplify their faith and their love of God in their personal lives and in their healing professions by special service and dedication to the Mission of the Catholic Medical Association and its projects and objectives. Their dedication and humility of service are examples of the answer to God’s call of discipleship.  It is the honor of the Catholic Medical Association to recognize those individuals with the Distinguished Guardian of Faith medallion as a symbol to others of their service and dedication and faith.


Any active paid member of the Catholic Medical Association who provides evidence of meeting the "Criteria for Eligibility for Distinguished Guardian of the Faith" to the Executive Director shall be considered for the title of Distinguished Guardian of Faith in the Catholic Medical Association. The application shall be delivered before August 1 preceding the Annual Meeting to the Executive Director, who in turn shall submit the candidate's name and dossier to the current Distinguished Guardians of Faith. Three-fourths majority aye votes, of those ballots returned by September 1, shall be necessary for election to Distinguished Guardians of Faith. The Executive Director at the Annual Meeting shall submit the vote to the Board of the CMA for final approval, and the applicant must be present for the conferring of the title within two consecutive annual CMA meetings.

Candidates must be approved by three-fourths vote of the existing Distinguished Guardians of Faith. Voting Process is as above. Notification will be sent to the approved candidate. This notice will include information to assist you with preparation and participation in the installation of new Distinguished Guardians of Faith at the Annual Conference. A Candidate must meet these preliminary requirements:

1.  Current Active Member of the Catholic Medical Association for a minimum of five years.

2. Agree with and live and practice to the best of one’s ability with the teachings of the Catholic Church and the Mission of the Catholic Medical Association.

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* 1. Nominee Information

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* 2. Nominee's profession (i.e physician, Nurse, healthcare professional, clergy/consecrated religious).

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* 3. Nominee length of CMA membership.

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* 4. Nominee's participation in the CMA(i.e CMA officer, board member, committee chair/member, local guild board president/member, etc.).

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* 5. Nominee's level of participation in their local community, parish, diocese/archdiocese.

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* 6. Nominee's participation in a specialty college and/or national society (i.e AMA, ACP, etc.).