* 2. School Name

* 3. Grade

* 4. How many years have you participated in BEST Robotics?

* 5. What is your goal for a future career path?

* 6. Do you plan to attend a 4-year college or university?

* 7. Do you plan to attend a 2-year college?

* 8. By participating in Gatekeeper, did you learn anything new about how cutting-edge technology is used in business/industry in your local community?

* 9. By participating in Gatekeeper, are you more aware of the inner workings of the technology you use on a daily basis? (i.e. cell phone, vehicle, computer)

* 10. By participating in BEST, were you provided with an opportunity to learn about new career paths or career choices?

* 11. Please share how participating in BEST has influenced your life and possible career choice. Tell us YOUR story.

* 12. Which of the following were important for your robotics team to be successful? (You may select more than one.)

* 13. By participating in this survey you are eligible to be placed in a drawing for an electronic kit similar to the BEST returnable VEX kit. Additional names will be drawn to win official Jubilee BEST hats, Gatekeeper t-shirts and more.

To be included, we need your name and email address to verify you are a BEST team member. Participating in the drawing is OPTIONAL.

The drawing will take place on December 15th. Once verified, winners (first name, school name, hub name) will be announced on Facebook and notified by email.

(Please enter your name and email address below if you choose to participate)

Please continue to page 2 for Game Specific Questions. You're the BEST!