All professionals and entrepreneurs, like you,  juggle many challenges and opportunities at home, work or school. This is true especially for people like you working and/or finishing your MBA degree @ Smith! 

But from where do we get our best ideas or inspiration to deal with these? This is not about doing routine work (e.g., projects, budgets, plans, etc.). This is about where and when our imagination and creativity is best. The purpose of the survey is to share what works and what doesn't in terms of producing those 'flashes of brilliance' or interesting connections. In the fall of 2017, I will share the results on www.YouInc.com. The survey is anonymous and you are not required to state your name, email, or company. Thank you and I know the ideas here will help boost your thinking and the opportunities you pursue. Finally, if you'd like to discuss the results and your situation, send me an email or telephone, ASAP. :-)

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Kingston, ON CANADA
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* 1. Imagine you have been given a magic wand and can make one wish to improve your business or career. Whatever you ask for will happen. What would you wish for?

* 2. Think of yourself reaching your full potential. Imagine that you are working and achieving at your max level. Everything "is rocking and rolling" and life is challenging yet good and balanced. How close to this are you?

* 3. From the question above, what would help you most get to "home plate" ? What do you need? What's missing?

* 4. Below are listed many things that professionals have mentioned as helping them boost their creativity and imagination. From this list pick three that really work for you too.

* 5. Below are listed things that prevent people from being creative or imaginative. From the list pick three that impact you too.

* 6. Imagine you are going to a meeting where you need to be on top of your game. You need to be upbeat, energetic, and as creative as possible. You have 45 minutes before this meeting takes place at the end of a hectic day. What two or three things would you do to get ready for this meeting?

* 7. People's home or work office space can provide a clue to what inspires them. When you think about your 'office' space, what about it do you really like? What is there that inspires you?

* 8. Where is one other place you can be really creative and productive (e.g., coffee shop, on a train, Starbucks, your car)? What is one thing you really like about this place?

* 9. What is one web site you find very helpful and use often for getting business ideas (e.g., www.trendhunter.com)?

* 10. We all have songs that energize us and make us feel good. List two songs and the artist that do that for you (e.g., Satisfaction - Rolling Stones).

* 11. For approx. how many years have you been working?

* 12. Do you work for a organization or run your own business?

* 13. Gender?

* 14. Have you ever had any formal training or courses in becoming more creative or innovative?

* 15. Below are common marketing and sales challenges for a business or a person. Pick two that you would like to address.Only two, please.

* 16. Lastly, what is one challenge at work, home or school you'd love to address, fix, or cleanup.

Thank you for completing the survey. If you'd like to see how others responded, just cut and paste, or copy, this link - https://www.surveymonkey.net/results/SM-SLG93757/