BEA Salary Survey

This is the 25th year BEA is conducting a National Faculty Salary Survey.  Please take a few moments to fill out the following survey.  When we publish the results, YOU MAY USE THE PUBLISHED RESULTS IN ANY WAY YOU SEE FIT.  Click here to see past salary surveys.  Please note that many people tell us this material is helpful in making the case for improved salaries both for existing staff and new recruits, so we need your input. 

At the conclusion of the survey we ask you to identify yourself and school.  Please note that this is for record-keeping and analysis purposes, individual school data will not be released --- nor will the participating institutions be identified. 

Please complete by: Tuesday, December 18th

Guidelines & Instructions:

1. Report only salary figures, not fringe benefit/total compensation numbers.

2. Derive your computation only from full-time faculty positions primarily (at least 50%) devoted to electronic media instructional activities.  For example, do NOT figure in a professor who teaches 3/4-time speech and 1/4-time electronic media.  Do, however, include a colleague holding academic rank that teaches electronic media l/4-time and supervises your department's laboratory radio station for another 3/4-time.

3. If the position is funded on a 12-month basis, please re-compute its salary to reflect that portion of it attributable to 9-10 months' work (2 semesters or 3 quarters --- in other words, the "regular" academic year).  We are interested in base salary.  So please deduct chairperson or similar stipends before computing.

4. Include only full-time faculty appointments -- both temporary/term and tenure-track.

Thank you in advance for helping your BEA colleagues to obtain this important information.  The goal is to provide you with figures that pertain exclusively to electronic media educators rather than "communications" faculty as a whole.

This survey is only as useful and accurate as are the contributions to it.  I urge you to complete by Wednesday, December 18th.  In dealing with our upper administrations, we need all the comparative ammunition we can get!
Dr. Peter B. Orlik, BEA Salary Survey Director