* 1. Name of the speaker
(if there is more than one speaker proposed please add number (like 1.) for each name and then accordingly for other fields related to speaker, like bio).

* 2. Proposed title of the presentation

* 3. Description of the presentation
(more detailed description of your presentation (3-6 paragraph)  to help the program committee and potential attendees to understand what you will cover).

* 4. Which conference track would be perfect fit for this presentation?
(for detailed description of the sessions please look at the webpage - http://bigdatatechwarsaw.eu/#bdcontent - at CONTENT bar)

* 5. Audience information
(who the presentation is for?)

* 6. How would you rank your presentation: 1- very technical, 5 - mostly business related

* 7. Please give us up to 4 keywords describing your presentation

* 8. Speaker bio

* 9. Speaker's experience
(provide any information about your previous speaking experience at public conferences, meetups and/or workshops. Links to YouTube videos or your conference talks are welcomed)

* 10. Additional information
(any other information that support your submission and profile)

* 11. Speaker e-mail contact address

* 12. Speaker formal position and company name

* 13. Organizers do not provide speaker's fee, however in a case, where it would be really necessary, we might cover the cost of accomodation and travel

* 14. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?

Thank you very much for the interest in BigData Technology Warsaw Summit! We hope you will join this great event on 22th of February 2018!