* 1. Opioids kill more people each year than car crashes. How much more?

* 2. Which of these treatments help people fall asleep faster?

* 3. How many Canadians are hospitalized every day due to opioids?

* 4. When compared to francophones, anglophones seniors are more aware that sleeping pills can cause harm.

* 5. Driving the day after consuming a sleeping pill has the same risk of car crash as driving over the legal blood alcohol level?

* 6. These medications increase the chance of falls for seniors. Which medication below most increases the chances of falling?

* 7. What percentage of Canadian seniors are willing to stop a medication if their doctor told them it was possible?

* 8. When chronic opioids are stopped, people report which of the following? (WARNING: Multiple answers are correct)

* 9. How many Canadian seniors have heard the word “deprescribing”?

* 10. What percentage of Canadian seniors (over the age of 65) take at least 5 different prescription medications?

The following information will help us analyze your answers:

* 11. I am (or have been) a:

* 12. I am:

* 13. I am:

* 14. I live in:

* 15. I live in this province/territory (if from Canada):