Carroll County Maryland
Shelter Survey

In cooperation with the Department of Social Services and the Carroll County Health Department,The Office of Public Safety Support Services, Emergency Management would like to gain a perspective on individual and family actions in regards to sheltering during a significant or catastrophic event within Carroll County. This information will help guide us in the development of shelter and recovery plans and procedures. This survey is strictly anonymous and confidential.

* 1. I would leave my home to seek shelter if the power was disrupted for at least:

* 2. Where would you go if you needed to seek shelter?

* 3. What services would you look to the Carroll County Government to provide you and your family during a crisis or disaster?

* 4. My family is currently prepared to sustain ourselves during an emergency with a power disruption for:

* 5. Do you have a reliable means of transportation to an emergency shelter or a medical facility?

* 6. Do you or anyone in your family have any unique needs that we need to address or plan for?