Nude pictures and Internet

This is a survey concerning Nude Pictures, Sexual Harrassment on and with the Internet (Sexting).
Thanks your for participating this survey on Nude Pictures and Internet. We conduct this survey in preparation of the Safer Internet Forum 2011, where a discussion among experts will be conducted. As a base, we would like to include opinions and experience from young people through out Europe.

Thanks for your participation! The results will be used at the Safer Internet Forum 2011 in Luxembourg

* 1. Before we start, a few general questions. PLease tell us your age!

* 2. You are..

* 3. Your profession...

* 4. I live in...

* 5. Languages at home
At home we speak mainly...

* 6. Which of the following tools are you owning/using most often:

* 7. Just imagine, you would receive a messages/videos/images with a sexual reference. How would you feel, if this would happen to you? (choose 3)

* 8. Why do you think, does somebody post/send nude pictures?

* 9. If someone posts or receives messages/videos/images with a sexual reference, what negative consequences can there be? (pick 3)

* 10. Do you agree?

  Very much agree agree agree a little do not agree N/A
Posting nude pictures of myself is quite ok.
Posting nude pictures of my friends without asking them is quite ok.
Sexting is interesting and fun.
It is important to be highly accepted on the Internet by as many as possible persons
I like to receive messages containing sexual references.
It is ok to post my telefonenumber to someone I met on the Internet
It is ok to meet someone I met on the Internet on a public place.
It is fun to receive nude pictures from a person I met on the Internet.