1. BUBB Books Survey

This concerns the the tunes we already have in the books. You will get to provide name of songs we DON'T have later in the survey. - Thanks

* 1. These are all the songs in the "B" section; please rate them!

  Must Keep This is Good Not so Good Remove this! I never played this or have no opinion on this one.
The Impression that I Get
I Can't Turn You Loose
25 or 6 to 4
The Time Warp
Soak up the Sun
Soul Man
I'm a Believer
Crazy Train
Bang the Drum All Day (I Don't Want to Work)
Last Night
Evil Ways
Touch Me
Mony, Mony
Salsa and Chimps
Gimmie Some Lovin'
Mustang Sally
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Devil with a Blue Dress
In a Young Man's Mind
Sell Out
I Wanna to be Your Man
Roll Over Beethoven
Messin' with the Kid
Good Love