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We are working on establishing a new video sharing service, the goal of which is to provide a superior private video
sharing experience to people. Our focus is on private sharing of video content between family members, and not on
video broadcasting or public video sharing services. The guidelines for us are ease of use, high quality of service and a seamless, pleasant experience. As we target family audiences only, we define a product and a service wherein the family experience is the top priority,

We hope that you will help us better understand our target market, which basically might be just everyone. For that purpose, we developed a set of survey questions which we believe will help us learn more about your needs and how they are currently being met.

Answering this questionnaire should take you about 5 minutes, not more, but the outcome of this survey will be
tremendously beneficial to us. The benefits to you are twofold: in the long term we will create a product which is better designed for you, and in the short term, if you are interested, we would send you the final report with survey results. If you leave us your email address (which is optional) we will also keep you updated about our product and let you know when its alpha version is released.

Needless to say, all answers are fully anonymous.

Thanks in advance for your help!

* 1. Do you have children?

* 2. Which age category are your children? (multiple choices)

* 3. How often do you take videos of your children?

* 4. What is the combined length of the videos from the same recording session?

* 5. Do you share your personal videos?

* 6. If you share your personal videos, with whom do you share them? (multiple choices)

* 7. In what way do you currently share photos with your parents or in- laws?

* 8. In what way do you currently share videos with your parents or in- laws?

* 9. How recent are the photos you share?

* 10. How recent are the videos you share?

* 11. On average, what percentage of the videos that you record do you share with your parents?

* 12. Do your parents or in-laws complain that you don't share enough of your videos or photos?

* 13. What is the biggest hassle for you in the video sharing process?

* 14. For future video sharing with your parents or in-laws, you will...

* 15. Suppose you have an ultimate video sharing service which makes you and your parents/in-laws perfectly happy with (in every aspect that matters to you and them). How much are you willing to pay for it

* 16. If you want to know more about our upcoming product or be a candidate for our free beta, please leave your email (we will not disclose it to any third party)