Thank you for sharing your input with us!
Please respond to whichever questions apply to you.

* 1. Please describe your relationship to education.

* 2. How do you use MIT OpenCourseWare? What parts of OCW are most useful to you?

* 3. What enhancements or new resources would make OCW more useful for you?

* 4. We are in the pilot phase of a new initiative, OCW Educator, which aims to enhance the value of MIT OCW for educators. The following resources have been created as part of this project. Which, if any, of these OCW Educator pages have you seen?

* 5. How did you get to the resource(s) selected in Question #4?

* 6. What materials did you find useful on the resource(s) selected in Question #4?

* 7. Will the resource(s) selected in Question #4 contribute in any way to your work as an educator? If so, how? If not, why not?

* 8. Please share any other comments you have about the OCW Educator project or OCW in general.

* 9. Can we contact you for more information? If so, please enter your name and e-mail address.