Looking for a job in Vermont? We want to help.  Fill out the following form and follow the instructions to upload your resume. We'll share it with HR professionals and recruiters looking to fill current and upcoming positions. 

Please note: LCC cannot guarantee employment, rather we are supporting you during your employment search. All resumes will remain on file for 6 months at which time LCC will email candidates to see if they would like to continue to keep their resume on hand. When candidates find a position, we ask you email us at talent@vermont.org and let us know where you ended up and if you would like to keep your resume on file. 

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* 4. Provide a brief description of what you are looking for in terms of employment to be shared with prospective employers. In a few sentences, describe your background, ideal position, and any additional details on workplace culture or lifestyle requests (i.e. need flexible hours for childcare, live in a rural location and need the flexibility to work remotely, etc.)

There are two ways to upload your resume: traditionally with your name and detailed employment history, or anonymously with a generalized employment history. Resumes are uploaded to a shared drive with HR professionals and recruiters representing diverse industries, company sizes and locations. 

If you do not mind if HR professionals and recruiters know your name and current/past employer(s), please do as follows:

1) Save your resume as a PDF

2) Title your resume with the following structure: last name_first name_industry title_location (i.e. Smith_Joe_marketing professional_Vermont; Jones_Jill_mechanical engineer_Chicago)
3) Upload your resume here

If you do not want HR professionals and recruiters to know your name without additionally requesting that information from LCC, please do as follows:

1) Save your resume as a pdf

2) Edit your resume to include generalized employment history, and black out your name. Click here for an example.

3) Send your generalized resume as well as your traditional detailed resume to talent@vermont.org. Our staff will number your generalized resume, and keep your traditional resume on hand when HR professionals reach out for more information. Once HR professionals express interest in your resume, we will send them your traditional resume and contact information.