Please take a moment to help ACA put a human face on the issues that face our industry by completing the following questionnaire. We will review your responses and work with you to develop an ACA Member Story that we can share with policymakers and the media.

Please provide as much detail as possible for each question, including examples where appropriate. We appreciate your time and assistance.

* 1. Briefly describe your business. (e.g., location(s), number of employees, number of subscribers, services offered, years in business)

* 2. How has retransmission consent affected your business? For example:
-- Do you believe you are paying unreasonable fees for local broadcast signals, especially compared to the largest operator in your market?
-- How has this changed over time?
-- Have fees forced you to raise subscribers' prices or prevented you from making other investments in your business?

* 3. How have the programmers' tying and bundling demands and tiering and penetration requirements affected your ability to provide quality, affordable programming? Are you able to provide programming choices that are aligned to your community's interests? What changes to your lineup would you make if permitted?

* 4. What other issues have a negative effect on your business, and what are the results of these issues? (e.g., dual carriage, integrated STB ban, pole attachment, MDU exclusivity ban, leased access, copyright fees)

* 5. How are your customers negatively affected by these issues? Are there any services that you cannot offer as a result? Are there other customer requests and demands that you cannot meet?

* 6. If current practices continue, can you stay in business? If not, can you sell, or will you need to close down? How much longer do you think you can survive?

* 7. Is there anything else you would like to comment on or add to your story?

* 8. Your Contact Information: