The San Francisco Giants have honored their top players of the past with statues, most recently giving one to pitcher Gaylord Perry of the 1960s-70s team. In answering the question 'Should Bonds Have A Statue?'  much is determined by one's own feelings with regard to Performance Enhancing Drugs. Before Barry Bonds came to the Giants in 1997 he was a 'mere' .275 hitter averaging 25 homers a year with Pittsburg during his mid-20s -lower numbers than Hall of Famers.. Of course we know what happened when Bonds and BALCO burst upon the scene in San Francisco - Bonds suddenly averaging around 40 homers a year with a .312 average. Should what most agree is a significant 'performance enchanced' output be rewarded? Perhaps not the Hall of Fame but maybe/maybe not this for the hometown guy who 'built AT&T Park' and who still has , by far, more 'splash' hits in the Bay than anyone else (in fact, nobody hardly hits them anymore). You may want to read THIS if you're still not sure how to 'vote' (below).

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* 1. Should Barry Bonds Be Given A Statue?