Please complete this form to request Buckeye Children's and Teen Book Award seals to place on Buckeye award-winning and nominated books in your library/school collection.

Available seals include: Children's Winner, Children's Nominee, Teen Winner, Teen Nominee.

Each seal is printed in black on a high-gloss foil background, and measures 1 5/8" by 1 3/4". The Children's Winner and Teen Winner seals are on gold foil. The Children's Nominee and Teen Nominee seals are on silver foil.

Any Ohio school or public library may request up to 200 total seals in any combination of the 4 designs. There is no charge to schools/libraries for the seals or for shipping.

See the Buckeye Children's and Teen Book Award website for a list of all Buckeye Children's and Teen Book Award winners and nominees to date:

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* 2. Please indicate how many of each seal you would like to receive. You may select between 1-4 designs and any quantity of each, as long as the total quantity is no more than 200. Place a 0 (zero) by any seal you do not want.

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