Please complete our survey before October 1, 2018

In response to the survey Three Lakes Association did last fall, we received many reports of historical problems with swimmers' itch at several locations in our three lakes. In order to more completely determine the size of the problem and to more accurately determine what locations are the most affected, we invite you to report instances of swimmer's itch as you become aware of them during the summer of 2018. These results will help us to determine what resources should be devoted to dealing with swimmer's itch in our lakes.

* 1. When did you contract Swimmer's Itch?

Date / Time

* 2. How many people were affected by this Swimmer's Itch incident

* 3. In which lake did you experience swimmer's itch?

* 4. Where on the lake? Please provide a specific address or landmark

* 5. How severe was the Swimmer's Itch?

* 6. To your knowledge, is Swimmer's Itch a common problem on this lake?

* 7. Do you own property on this lake or do you just visit?

* 8. Do you frequently see waterfowl at this lake/water body?

* 9. Do you use this water body less often than you would like because of swimmer's itch?

* 10. Would you visit lakes and beaches in your area more often if swimmer's itch wasn't a concern?

* 11. If you have additional information or comments, please enter them here.