Planning The Library's Best Possible Future   

It's our dream that every single Bullitt County citizen has easy access to a wealth of library services.  It's our job to provide those services through a network of neighborhood facilities and an amazing assortment of digital resources you can download from your car, your home, or wherever you happen to be. New technologies are constantly shaping the way we operate and we want to make sure we're on top of what you need. 

* 1. How often do you use the library? Choose one.

* 2. Do you have an active library card that allows you to check out print and digital materials?

* 3. When you use a Bullitt County library, which location do you prefer?

* 4. If you were to use another branch, which location would be your second choice?

* 5. What keeps you from using Bullitt County's library services more often? (Check all that apply.)

* 6. Which of the following devices do you use to stream video or audio content? (Check all that apply.)

* 7. Which of the following online resources have you accessed from the Bullitt County library system in the past year?

* 8. How much do you value these library resources?  On a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 is  NOT IMPORTANT and 5 is TOP PRIORITY, tell us which are most important to you.

  1) Not important 2) 3) Somewhat important 4) 5) Top priority!
Print materials
E-books, audio-books, and other digital collections
Wi-Fi access
Computer workstations
Movies and music
Children's programs
Community meeting rooms
Teen programs
Classes and "how to" workshops
Availability of laptops and other portable devices

* 9. Please list up to THREE ways you prefer knowing what's happening at the library.

* 10. Because today's library offers so many great online services that you can access from home, we are especially interested in the quality of your internet service:

* 11. And while we're talking about online services, tell us what you have used. (Check all that apply.)

* 12. The next few items will help us know more about our customers. We'll start with this one: Your age?

* 13. Are there any children in your household?

* 14. How far did you get in school? 

* 15. What's your general neighborhood by zip code?

* 16. Finally, which description best fits you?

* 17. BONUS QUESTION! Would you be interested in participating in a community focus group in March in order to dig deeper and explore more options for the library's future?  If so, please add your name, e-mail, and a phone number where we can reach you. We'll be in touch!

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