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Without the Martinez News-Gazette, which will publish its last edition Dec. 29, our community will soon lose a lifeline to important news and information. Local journalists and community members who are concerned about that void are asking you for ideas and opinions that might help form the basis for a new site because Local News Matters.

Supported by Bay City News Foundation, a nonprofit news organization that serves the San Francisco Bay Area, this effort is backed by charitable donations from contributors who care about local news, a free press, democratic values and an informed citizenry. You can see our work at

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* 1. How frequently do you get news and information about Martinez on the following platforms?

  Never Very rarely Rarely Occasionally Frequently Very frequently
Broadcast TV
Broadcast radio
Print newspaper
Online newspaper/digital news source
Social networks (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
Email newsletter
Text message (i.e. SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp, etc.)

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* 2. How else do you get news and information about Martinez?

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* 3. Do you feel that people who consume news should pay for it?

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