* 1. Did your family use the pool this past summer? *

* 2. How often did you use the pool?

* 3. Does your family use the kiddie pool when available? Would not having a kiddie pool be a major concern/issue?

* 4. Would you like more flexible hours to use the pool? Morning or later in evening? Adult only swim time?

* 5. Would you like to see the pool available to Partridge Ridge residents and guests ONLY and eliminate non-resident outside memberships?

* 6. Would you be comfortable with a "No lifeguards swim at your own risk" policy?

* 7. Are you satisfied with the length of the current pool season? If not would you like it longer or shorter?

* 8. Would you like a more secure pool access system, such as a magnetic card entry system?

* 9. How satisfied are you with the current pool management system?

  Yes No Sometimes Not Sure
Was the pool area clean?
Was the pool water clean and free of debris?
Were there any insect/animal nuisance issues?
Did pool chemicals cause any skin irritation issues?
Were the bathrooms clean?
Were the life guards attentive to swimmers and courteous?

* 10. Do you have any recommendations to improve the neighborhood pool?