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The NAMM Foundation seeks to celebrate and recognize innovative and resourceful music education programs in the United States and those schools and communities that support them.  This comprehensive survey requests information that reveals statistical and factual information about music education and related opportunities for students to learn music.  Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey and tell us about your music program.

This survey was developed in partnership with the Music Research Institute at the University of Kansas and WordCraft, LLC. Survey questions are aligned with goals for equity and access to music education for all students, and also with national standards for music education. This survey  seeks to support communities everywhere that are working to assure music education opportunities for all students.

The Best Communities for Music Education survey acknowledges districts for their commitment to and support for music education in schools.  If you are applying on behalf of a school district-multiple schools, grade levels-please complete this survey. If however, you are applying for an individual school (charter, parochial, private), please complete the SupportMusic Merit Award survey.

Note: There is no advantage to completing both the SMMA and the BCME survey. If you wish to represent your district, please complete this application. If you wish to represent an individual school, please complete the SMMA application.

It is critical to the scoring process that only ONE APPLICATION be submitted per district. We realize that many entities in your community may be excited about participating in this process, and we strongly encourage you to work together to complete this comprehensive survey. 

 All responses to this survey are confidential. The survey, its content, and any related communications are private and intended solely for the viewing and use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed. If you have questions concerning your privacy please send an email to, info@nammfoundation.org.

The survey will be available until January 31, 2020. To begin, click on the work “NEXT” below.