Please answer the following questions - Your feedback is appreciated!

* 1. Response Date

Response Date

* 2. Respondent Name

* 3. What is the name of the account manager or person representing the vendor?

* 4. Is there a technical person/group responsible for ICD-10 support?

* 5. Is your organization ready for the new ICD-10 regulations?

* 6. Has your organization started ICD-10 planning?

* 7. If your organization is not going to be ICD-10 compliant, how do you plan to support your providers?

* 8. When will your product be ICD-10 compliant?

Date Compliant

* 9. Will the ICD-10 compliant product continue to support ICD-9 functionality and codes?

* 10. If you product won’t be compliant until after October 1, 2014, how will you support providers in the interim?

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact the EDI Help Desk @ 888-224-3341 option #2