Information Sheet 

Outline of the research

Previous research has found that there are around 750,000 people caring for people with dementia in the UK alone. This figure is a reflection of the 4.6 million new cases of dementia discovered each year, as the demand for caregivers increases with the number of new cases discovered. It has also been suggested that caregivers are at risk of putting their own psychological wellbeing under threat. The study aims to look at possible predictors of the mental health of a dementia caregiver.

Who is the researcher?

Name: Katie Golding

Institution: Liverpool Hope University


What will my participation in the research involve?

You will be required to complete 5 questionnaires which should take no longer than 20 minutes. You will fill out 4 questionnaires that are designed to measure levels of caregiver burden, self-efficacy, social support and specific personality traits. A final questionnaire is then to be completed which is designed to capture traits of depression, stress and anxiety. This questionnaire is NOT a diagnosis of any of the both and used only as a guideline of traits that are related to them. If you feel you have scored particularly high on any of the scales there are a variety of support groups available if you feel you need to seek professional advice. Information of these can be disclosed by contacting the researcher via the email address provided.

Will there be any benefits to me to taking part?

By taking part in this research you could help raise awareness of the intensity of a dementia caregiving role. It could also enable you to consider factors that could have an effect on the caregiving role that you may have never considered.

Will there be any risks to me in taking part?

There are minimal risks for participation in this study; however some sensitive issues are highlighted. The completion of some scales may cause feelings of worry if they have not been faced before. If you do not feel comfortable completing the questionnaires you can withdraw from the study at any time.

What happens if I decide that I don’t want to take part during the actual research study, or decide that the information given should not be used?

If you decide you no longer wish you to participate in the study you can contact the researcher via the email provided and your information will be removed from the study and destroyed. You are reminded you have the right to withdraw from this study at any point and should not hesitate to contact the researcher if you have any queries.

How will you ensure that my contribution is anonymous?

You are not required to disclose you name at all throughout the study which ensures anonymity. A participant number will be allocated to you which will allow your information to be identifiable to the researcher in the event you wish to be removed from the study.

Please note that your confidentiality and anonymity cannot be assured if, during the research, it comes to light that you are involved in illegal or harmful behaviours which I may need to disclose to the appropriate authorities.