* 1. This survey is for BCHPA members who sell B.C. honey. 
Tell us how you sell your honey (Check all that apply)

* 2. We would appreciate your input on a marketing program title.  Here are a few suggestions. Please rank your choices with #1 being the most preferred and #4 least preferred.

* 3. Other ideas are welcome. Do you have other suggestions for the title of the program?

* 4. A tagline is a catchphrase or slogan, specifically used in marketing. What tagline should we use?  Here are a few suggestions. Please rate your top 3 choices with #1 being the most preferred, #2 your second choice, etc.

* 5. Do you have other tagline suggestions?

* 6. The committee has created ideas for a sticker, which was reduced to a selection of 4 after the 2017 Semi-Annual meeting. Please rank the stickers in order of your preference.  [If you have another idea, send it via email to media@bcbeekeepers.com]

* 7. To help us projected the possible number of stickers, how many do you think you might purchase on an annual basis?

* 8. A “Made in B.C.” logo exists and members of the B.C. Ag Council may be able to use this symbol and adapt it to say BC Honey such as the picture below. Would you like to see this type of B.C. symbol incorporated into the BCHPA logo being used in honey marketing? 

* 9. The program is considering container/jar stickers, farm-gate signage, and a small sign for markets. The committee is proposing the new marketing program signage use a similar format as that used for the Environmental Farm Plan and contain our message and brand. Would you please rank the priority of the 3 parts of the proposed plan placing #1 for most important to #3 for least important.

* 10. We will be seeking government funding to introduce this new program, but there may be some set-up costs for beekeepers. This cost could be up to $100 to enroll.  With the cost factor in mind, would you be interested in participating in this program?

* 11. On top of the initial set-up fee for signage, would you be prepared to pay a nominal annual membership fee to participate in this program? This would be used to build a fund to ensure replacement signage and future marketing strategies.

* 12. It has been suggested that a portion of the sticker or signage
costs go to support a bee-friendly registered charity. Do you support
this suggestion? 

* 13. As part of our organization's overall marketing and communication strategy, would you be supportive of the idea of refreshing the brand and logo of the BCHPA?

* 14. Do you have additional comments that you would like to offer?  We welcome all feedback.  Thank you for participating in our survey.