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In 2016, the Government of Canada began work towards the development of new federal accessibility legislation with the stated purpose of: promoting equality of opportunity: and the increased inclusion and participation of all Canadians living with disabilities.

This movement towards new federal accessibility legislation is the first of it's kind ever seen within Canada. To assist in the development of this proposed legislation, throughout 2016 and early 2017, the government of Canada actively engaged individuals, communities and organizations through various public consultation opportunities across Canada, in addition to opportunities for interested parties to participate through on-line surveys. 

These consultations were to gain insight on the priorities, needs and recommendations necessary for the development of new federal accessibility legislation and focused on broad but key areas. For more information on the Government of Canada accessibility consultation please click on the following link:

To assist in ensuring that a strong and clear indigenous voice is provided to the consultation process and a voice that will highlight the often unique disability related challenges, needs and priorities of our people, the British Columbia Aboriginal Network on Disability or BCANDS, under a contract with the Federal government, is engaging Indigenous communities, leadership, individuals and service providers for their input, expertise and direction, necessary for future federal accessibility legislation in Canada.

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