The Boiling Point Podcast & Big Tide Brewing have teamed up to create a brand new craft beer ~ and you get to help us design & name that  Beer!

The co-hosts of the Boiling Point Podcast, Dave Veale and Greg Hemmings have a refreshing  style, candor and enthusiasm for great ideas which I am sure many people would like to bottle. Well, Wendy from Big Tide Brewing is going to keg it !! That’s right!

Dave & Greg visited Wendy at Big Tide Brewing Company to discuss our Beer Naming idea:

We’re putting all that energy into a keg.

We need your help, though. If Dave and Greg were a beer…what would they be? Would they be dark, smooth and complex, or light, crisp and bursting with flavour ? Would they hit you right in the face, or would they impress you with their subtlety ? Do you get what you are expecting, or are you surprised with the unexpected ?

We need you to tell us what you think goes in to a keg of Dave and Greg. And then we’re going to brew it, and let you name it !

The winner will be announced at Big Tide Brewing Company on June 23rd, 2016 at 5:30 pm as we celebrate our 100th episode of the Boiling Point Podcast!

Question Title

* 1. Choose the Greg & Dave MALT Characteristics... (choose all that apply)

Question Title

* 2. Now choose the Greg & Dave HOP Character... (choose all that apply)

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* 3. Finally, choose the overall flavour that will personify this Dynamic Duo...

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* 4. And...what would you name this liquid personification of Greg & Dave?

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* 5. Tell us about yourself, so we can call you if you WIN.

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* 6. Sign-up for our Boiling Point Podcast monthly reminder email (optional)

Thank you for your entry. We hope to see you at Big Tide Brewing Company on June 23rd at 5:30 when we reveal the winning brew! Please click DONE!