Informed Consent

We are asking for your participation in the research project described below and contained in this website. Your participation in this study is entirely voluntary. You may refuse to participate, or you may decide to stop your participation at any time. If you refuse to participate, withdraw your consent, or stop participating in the study, your decision will involve no penalty or loss of benefits to which you may otherwise be entitled. Please carefully read the information below before deciding whether or not to participate. You must be 18 years of age or older to participate.

Title: Social Attitudes and Beliefs

Principle Investigators: Elizabeth Maynard, Ph.D., Amanda Dillehay, M.S., Melissa Lemons, M.S., & Nicole Dilella, M.A.

Purpose of the Study: This study is designed to explore the attitudes and beliefs of professional helpers as they address a variety of sexual topics.

Procedures: If interested in participating, please complete the questions in the survey that follows in this website.

Expected Duration: Most people will be able to answer the questions in this survey within 15-30 minutes.

Risks of Participation: There are no anticipated risks associated with participation in this project. Your responses will remain anonymous.

Benefits to Participants: Participants in this study may become more aware of their own beliefs and experiences. Five randomly selected participants will receive a $50.00 Visa gift card as a result of participation in the study.

Anonymous Records: All research materials will remain anonymous, and thus pose no risk to your privacy. The data collected from this study will be used for educational and publication purposes. Data will be reported in aggregate form. Your participation in this study will be evidence of your consent. All data from this study will be stored electronically in a password-protected site by the principal researcher.

Financial Compensation: There is no direct financial compensation for participation in this study. However, five randomly selected participants will be offered a $50.00 Visa gift card.

Investigator's Right to Withdraw Participant: The investigator has the right to withdraw you from this study at any time, which may mean the removal of individual data from the database.

Contact Information for Questions or Problems: We (the investigators) will answer any questions you have about the study. If you have questions, please contact Elizabeth Maynard, Ph.D. at 410-617-7651 or by e-mail at


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