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This short survey will assist Staples Advantage to open an account for your agency.
We will work with your agency's contract person to set up your account and on-line ordering capability.

As a member of the Broader Public Sector, your agency can use the BC Government negotiated Staples Advantage Contract after approval received from the BC Government.

* 1. Who do you currently order office supplies from?

* 2. Who do you currently order toner cartridges from?

* 3. Contact Information

* 4. Delivery Information

* 5. If you have more than one delivery address we will need to contact you for additional information. Confirm this is a requirement.

* 6. Billing requirements

* 7. Billing Information

* 8. Online Ordering is the preferred method of ordering. Please advise who we would contact to arrange access and training

* 9. Catalogues required (will be shipped to address above)

* 10. What additional information would you like to receive from Staples Advantage?