Program Tracker Instructions

This Program Tracker helps the Andrew Goodman Vote Everywhere staff as well as campus teams generate information and insights about the effectiveness of our efforts to increase student voting. 
This Program Tracker asks you to provide updates on four key components of campus programming:

1. Voter Registration
2. Voter and Civic Education
3. GOTV (Get Out the Vote)
4. Youth Voting Advocacy 
We define these program areas as follows:

1. Voter registration activities are focused on registering eligible voters onto the electoral rolls so they can vote. 

2. Voter and civic education efforts empower students with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed decisions, ensure compliance with statutory requirements, and understand the power of their vote.

3. GOTV activities mobilize voters to turn out and cast a ballot during the early voting period, absentee or mail-in voting period, or on Election Day. The timeframe for GOTV activities differ state-by-state, but generally occur from mid-October through Election Day.

4. Youth voting advocacy efforts are aimed at effecting change through campus stakeholders or legislative efforts that enhance institutional capacity for voter engagement and/or increase students' opportunities to register, receive voter education, or cast their ballots. 
Below, please enter your college or university, your first and last name, as well as the type of programming you will be reporting on. You will then be asked questions relevant to your program update. 

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* 4. Did this event include a social justice component or emphasize diversity and inclusion?