Please take a few minutes to answer this informal and very brief survey about technology used in your archival repository. It is okay if more than one person from your repository answers the survey. The survey will close on July 31, 2011

* 1. Which best describes this type of archival repository?

* 2. What type of electronic management system is used at this repository for managing archival records?

* 3. Are these electronic records available on-line to the public?

* 4. Are you satisfied with the system you are currently using?

* 5. If yes to the above question- why?
If no to the above question- why not?

* 6. Are you interested in attending training on this topic, such as exploring software management systems designed specifically for archives?

* 7. Are you interested in attending training on a specific type of software system and if so, which one?

* 8. OPTIONAL: Please provide the name of this archival repository.