Curvy, Divas, Fitness, Glamour, Plus Size Curvy, to Fabulous Women on Fleek!

<span style="color: #999999;"><em>Curvy, Divas, Fitness, Glamour, Plus Size Curvy, to Fabulous Women on Fleek!</em></span>
Welcome Professionals to NEXT Global Branders "Taste of Candy" Member Services!

We Value your Profession and time and would like to take this time to Say thank you for your Support, love and dedication to becoming the NEXT in a Revolutionary Break through - Fashion Industry! We are Your Global Branders and have over 20+ years in Branding Fashion / Glamour Models just like you to success such as Meylssa Ford, Gloria Velez, Honey Bella, Buffie the Body, Elke the Stallion, Eka Samone, Evie E, Somaya Reece, Rachel Havana, to the newest members of the industry, American Actress, Dancer, Curvy Glamour Sensation - Coco Austin, Tattoo Beauty extremest - Jasmin Sue, Glamour Fitness Model “She-Hulk” - Nunu aka Yves Nunez etc....

We have had the honor behind the scenes working with great talented brands - fashion campaigns such as, NY Assistant for Victoria's Secret Fashion shows, Wilhemina, Ford Models, Faces International, BeautyMark Models, models who have been seen on major videos, tv shows, and events including casting calls with MTV’s “Spring Bling”, BET’s “Ripped and Runway” also seen on other major networks such as VH1 and much much more.

The Fashion Industry has came a long way within just the last 50 years. The Entertainment / Fashion industry is vastly expanding inventively in a time where revolutionary technology is making major global break through's. We are dedicated in staying above the game to bring in the NEW as The "NEXT" epic movement!

We look fwd to the working with you the NEXT #DOND
"It's Gotta be Epic, Join the Movement!"
#DOND Team
-Division of #TheNEXT
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* 4. #DOND Taster's Choice - "Taste of Candy" Member Packages

Membership Access includes the following (A) - (E)
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A) Full Access Member approved to share your Campaigns, Post, Promo in our “Divas On Deck” Private Group Page
(#DOND private portal group to network freely as a member with hundreds of professionals in the Entertainment / Fashion industry from Agents, Castings, Designers, Directors (film, movie, video), Editors, Models, Pr / Marketers, Photographers, Sponsors, Videographers, & much more.)

B) Administrative Access to post your Updates on YOUR #DOND groups - “LIKE” pages
(for both like pages TOC & DOND)

C) A full Q&A or Campaign Feature on our Blogs
(200 - 250 word Full Article Blogged w/ Content Photos & Direct links to your business) | |

D) Includes Monthly Social Network Campaign (#ModelMonday & Promo of your campaigns) - to our 500K+ Followers on all our Social Networks to direct traffic to your business

E) 1 Hour of basic graphic design for your Campaign / Promo post


* 5. Personalized Package & / or "HOME SPACE" options

* 6. New Branding or Social Network Branding Services
(please be as descriptive & detailed as possible to better assist you in your Branding needs)

Your first initial CNA - "Client Needs Analysis"- Consultation Review with our Executive staff for your Branding needs cost: $250.--

(All concepts, campaign discussions, marketing, Public Relations, etc. plans will be discussed with a full review, analyzed, objectives, planned with projected project goal deadlines -
[fees for total services needed will be presented & need to be paid in full as arranged to proceed and provide services as mapped out])

Upon completion of this form please send an email to after you have fully finished answering ALL questions on this form. We will email you shortly after and confirm your invoice for your Membership - Services.
( Membership - Service payments are required in full within 24 hrs of invoice via PayPal: )

#TOC - "Taste of Candy" - Welcome to the Movement!
We Look fwd to your professional contributions as a member to your #1 Only hottest Fashionistas network. We Appreciate the Love and Value your Business!

#DOND Team

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