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* 1. Personal Information

* 2. Additional participants

* 3. Years in business

* 4. Describe the products or services which your company provides.

* 5. Describe your basic philosophy in conducting business. Please include your mission, vision and value statements if available.

* 6. Briefly discuss the high growth potential of your business.

* 7. Do you have financial decision-making authority within the company?

* 8. Describe a time when you felt great about winning in a competitive activity.

* 9. What is the most valuable thing you learned about your business during the last year?

* 10. What was the biggest change you made within your business during the last year?

* 11. What was the biggest commitment you made last year? Describe how you kept that commitment.

* 12. How did you hear about the BBE program? Please provide the name of the organization and contact.

* 13. I acknowledge that it will be necessary to share financial information for my company with the Building Business Excellence program staff in order to analyze and prepare my business growth plan. This information will be kept confidential.

I understand the cost of the program is $2,495 and that I am responsible for payment of program in full by February 21, 2017.

* 14. Date: