Which script?

NIXIE: A lonely teenage orphan, MALIA, befriends a water sprite, NIXIE, who is eager to make her happy. As MALIA’s visions of her dead family become disturbing, NIXIE uses her powers to alter time and memory and cover up a secret that MALIA could have never imagined.
GENRE:       Dark fantasy (PG-13) with young female leads.
THEME:       A female “bromance” driven by desperate need for family and friendship.
SETTING:    A present-day town near a nature preserve and lake.

PAINT THE TOWN: JAN is ready to make her first film since college but first she has to figure out how to wrangle her motley crew, get a great performance from a cheerleader, repair all the inadvertent damage to her Uncle’s Model Home and keep them all out of jail.
GENRE:      Comic drama.
THEME:      Taking charge of your life.
SETTING:    A medium small town in North Carolina.

BOXING LESSONS: Brains, hard work and an overprotective Father got JENNY out of the old neighborhood and on the executive fast track. But her last date was in the ninth grade. She can do sex but she wouldn’t know intimacy if it hit her in the face.
GENRE:      Delayed coming of age drama (R rated).
THEME:      Without intimacy, life is a shell.
SETTING:    Present day Boston.

* 1. After reading the short descriptions, select the script that you think I ought to be trying to produce.