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We try hard to make sure the Beer Bloggers Conference is YOUR conference. We ask for suggestions for content and speakers. We discuss everything with our Blogger Advisory Board. And now we would like your opinion on which content sessions we should include in BBC13. Please take a moment to vote on potential content sessions for the Beer Bloggers Conference in Boston, MA.

Registration is open for BBC13 and we encourage you to sign up early. All info and registration information - including the recently-announced pre-conference excursion - can be found at www.beerbloggersconference.org.

Thank you!

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* 1. Please indicate which of the following conference sessions you would like to see presented at BBC13.

  Yes, definitely Maybe No, not interested
Working With Wholesalers & Distributors: Hear various ways you can work with your local wholesalers and distributors to generate content for your blog.
Beer & Podcasting: How to create compelling audio programs that are fun, informative, and communicate effectively.
Beer & Video Blogs: How to shoot, edit, and post content on your own YouTube channel.
Blogger Reports: Hear five-minute reports from ten bloggers on the state of their blog, their current project, or something related to their beer blog.
The Relationship Between Craft Beer & Big Beer: What are the pluses and minuses of big breweries entering the craft market (and vice versa)?
Social Media Best Practices: Tips from experts on how to effectively use social media tools like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google + and Pinterest.
Homebrewing Demonstration: Enjoy a homebrew demonstration by a local homebrew club or association.
Belgium Style Beers: Learn about beers made in Belgium and how they compare and contrast to Belgium-style beers in the US.
The History of Beer: From its secrets to its ancient past.
Search Engine Optimization for your Beer Blog: Learn how to structure your site and content to show up higher on search engines.
Monetization: From affiliate posts to coordinating a local beer event, there are many ways to monetize your beer blog.
Blog Evaluations: Popular at BBC10, an expert will review a select few beer blogs for their branding, structure, and SEO.
Industry Blogger Panel: Hear suggestions from industry bloggers on how to build relationships with breweries that can lead to guest blogging and other unique opportunities.

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* 2. There are some topics and sessions that deserve more than an hour. New in 2013, we have the opportunity to have at least one longer session of approximately two hours where we can dive deep into a discussion, tasting, or workshop. Please indicate whether you would like to see each of the following Block Sessions presented at BBC13:

  Yes, definitely Maybe No, not interested
Cooking and Pairing with Beer: How to do it, and why it works.
How to Judge Beer Like a Pro: Learn about the industry of beer judging and how you, too, can become sought after for local beer festival judging.
Faults in Beer: Learn how to detect off flavors and learn what causes these faults.
Beer Styles: Participate in a detailed session where you identify different styles of beer.
Hops and Malts: Participate in a detailed session where you learn how different hops and malts affect the flavor of beer.