WA Landcare Network Volunteer Survey

This survey seeks to collect the views of all those contributing to the sustainable management of our environment, lands and waters on how Landcare networks can support you in the great work that you do.

Landcare includes ‘friends of’ groups, agricultural groups, Waterwatch, Coastcare, Oceanwatch, Bushcare, Parkcare, environmental groups and others.  We are keen to hear from you whatever your landcare interests are.

If you are not yet a member of the WA Landcare Network and would like to become one, please contact the secretary: helen.watkins@landcarewa.org.au

* 1. Are you part of a...

* 2. Who would you go to if your group needed support or assistance with its activities or operations? Please list relevant organisations or individuals.

* 3. How well do you feel you are supported by the following organisations?

  Don't know who they are Poorly supported Adequately supported Well supported Very well supported N/A
Your regional Landcare network or organisation
Regional NRM organisation
Your local Landcare coordinator/facilitator
Other (please specify in comments)
WA Landcare Network

* 4. What are your priorities as a Landcare or other community group for the next 5 years? Please choose up to three.

* 5. Did you know that there are community-based Landcare peak bodies (distinct from Regional NRM Groups) in each state and territory which work to support on-ground volunteers, e.g. through securing funding, advocacy, and partnerships with other organisations?

* 6. Did you know that all state and territory Landcare peak bodies are members of a national body (the National Landcare Network) which advocates at the federal level and offers voice for grassroots Landcare in Canberra?

* 7. What do you see as the biggest threats to your Landcare or other volunteer group at the moment? Please choose up to three.

* 8. The WA Landcare Network is keen to support voluntary landcare groups. How can the Network best support your group?

* 9. Is there any other feedback you would like to provide?