Purpose of Award:  The James Blair Award is presented annually by the Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Texas Black Advisory Council (BAC) to a member of the San Antonio African American community for their work to ensure youth have the adult support and guidance they need to be successful.  

The Black Advisory Council (BAC) is a committee of staff and volunteers dedicated to promoting the mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters to the African American community. (BAC was formerly called AAMIAC, the African American Mentoring Initiative Advisory Council).

History of the James Blair Award: The James Blair Award was established in 2012 to honor a past member and founder of the Black Advisory Council who passed away unexpectedly.

Previous James Blair award winners are:  

·        Michael Torres, Big Brother, (2022)
·         Shermeka Hudson - Spurs, Sports and Entertainment (2020)
·         Ivy Taylor - former San Antonio Mayor and City Council Woman, Big Sister and Big Brothers Big Sisters Board Member (2016)
·         Charlie William Boyd, Jr - Big Brother, former BAC member and chair and former BBBS Board member (2015) 
·         Keith Singelton - Big Brother and former BAC member (2014)
·         Aissatou Sidme Blanton - Big Sister, former BAC member and chair (2013) 
·         San Antonio Cares - an organization dedicated to recruiting mentors for youth (2012) 

Nomination Instructions:  Please submit qualified nominations by completing the 2022 James Blair Award online nomination Form

Eligibility Requirements:  Nominees must be San Antonio Area Mentors or members of the San Antonio Area community associated with local African American Mentoring initiatives.

Criteria for Selection:  Nominees should meet one or more of the following criteria: 

1. Served as a mentor of record for a African American youth during the previous 12 months. 
2. Demonstrated excellence in mentoring support African American youth.
3. Demonstrated commitment to personal improvement as a mentor (e.g., participation in San Antonio Area Community Mentor training; making a concerted effort to improve mentoring knowledge and skills).

Nomination Deadline:  The James Blair Award nominations for 2023 are now open.  Nominations must be submitted via the online nomination Form by Oct 31, 2022 to be considered.

Supporting information:  Nominators and nominees may be contacted to obtain the following supporting documentation:  
1. Nomination letter(s) from mentee(s) and/or letter from community members. 
2. Self-statement of mentoring philosophy/approach.

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