2019 MN Transgender Stellar Awards
Presented by Monarch Program

Purpose: The Transgender Stellar Awards celebrates outstanding work and contributions transgender people have provided in our community within the past year.

Goal: The Transgender Stellar Awards to give families, friends, allies and community advocates an opportunity to recognize "stellar" transgender individuals who have made considerable impact in our local community in the areas of Health & Wellness; Communications; Entertainment & Culture; Innovative Services/Inventions; Community Service(s); Teamwork; Transgender Youth of the Year and Transgender Adult of the Year.

Event Details:
Date: Saturday, August 17, 2019

Time: 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Location: Minneapolis Central Library- 300 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404 (downtown) Pohlad Auditorium 2n floor

Voting Deadline: Wednesday, July 17, 2019 at 12:00 noon

Nominees Announcement Date: Wednesday, July 24, 2019

NOTE: a person can be nominated for more than one category.
Also note that you MAY NOT nominate yourself.

Below are the nomination description for each category. Please read each description carefully to ensure your nomination matches the category description.
- First and Last Name (correct spelling)
- Telephone number (with area code)
- Email address or mailing address).
This information will be use to contact the nominee to inform them of their exciting nomination.

HIV Testing: starting Wednesday, May 15, 2019 to Friday, August 16, 2019
Gift card valued at $20.00 Target stores
Others: Discount on street parking
             Free Food
             Free HIV Testing
             Free Gift bag

We encourage you to attend the Transgender "Stellar" Awards and bring allies to this event and support the transgender person(s) you voted for!

If you have any additional questions contact Reneka Evans, Event Coordinator at (612) 281-9614. Red Door Clinic- 525 Portland Avenue (4th floor, downtown), Minneapolis, Minnesota 55415-1596.

Monarch Program- was implemented in 2016 to provide culturally appropriate services to transgender and gender non-conforming individuals. We offer HIV testing, counseling and referrals; HIV and Transgender 101 education; PrEP education and referrals, individual psycho-social support; peer-driven group conversations and special events. For HIV positive community members linkage to HIV medical care, and medical transportation assistance. www.reddoorclinic.org

Question Title

* 1. In your opinion- What transgender person best fits this category and WHY?
Health & Wellness Award: This person will work in the health care field. This will include but is not limited to: nursing, medical case management, community health educator, etc. This award recognizes the hard work and dedication to the overall health (physical, mental, and social) and well-being of all Trans and gender non-conforming community members.

Question Title

* 2. In your opinion- What transgender person best fits this category and WHY?
Communications Award: This nominee will possess abilities to influence the LGBTQA community by using, any of the following several different techniques: social media; radio; verbal (public speaking); nonverbal, and/or written communication such as poetry, spoken word, singing, visual communications (art) and other avenues to effective communications.

Question Title

* 3. In your opinion- What transgender person best fits this category and WHY?
Entertainment & Culture Award: This award is packed with understanding and knowledge of language, creativity, and multiple types of art forms including but not limited to: Drag Queens (female/male/celebrity impersonation), costume designer, make-up artist, professional drag pageantry, ball culture and other culture norms not listed above.

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* 4. In your opinion- What transgender person best fits this category and WHY?
Innovative Services Award: This award is giving to a transgender person that demonstrates new and innovative ideas to service sand protects the transgender community. This person has hosted, sponsored, developed, or implemented program(s) that motivate the transgender community to thrive for change.

Question Title

* 5. In your opinion- What transgender person best fits this category and WHY?
Community Service Award: this award is presented for paid or volunteer services by a transgender/gender non-conforming person for/to the transgender community. This service can include but is not limited to: fundraising, personal health care, environmental projects, animal care, food banks, etc.

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* 6. In your opinion- What "ORGANIZATION- for profit or non-profit" best fits this category and WHY?
Teamwork Award 2017-2018: This award is presented to an organization that includes transgender people. This organization also encourages programs and services for transgender people.

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* 7. In your opinion- What transgender person best fits this category and WHY?
Transgender Youth of the Year 2017-2018: This youth is nominated by their peers and must be between ages 13 - 20. This youth has demonstrated leadership and positive influence on their peers by providing community services, mentoring, tutoring others students, advocating, volunteering, holding seats on committees or providing emotional support within the last 24 months.

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* 8. In your opinion- What transgender person best fits this category and WHY?
Transgender Adult of the Year 2017-2018: This adult can be nominated by all community members. This person must be seen as a community leader in one of the following but not limited to: health care, communications, entertainment/culture, government, community programing and services.

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