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This survey is for an article that will appear in Urban Farm magazine on urban/suburban permaculture. Feel free to answer some or all of the following questions. Your responses may be included in the article.

* 1. Name and email

* 2. Organizations I'm involved with, if any.

* 3. Projects I've completed. Could be for an organization, such as a community garden, or just your own backyard.

* 4. Are you a permaculture skeptic? If so, explain . . .

* 5. Many of Mollison and Holmgren's examples are rural. How have you adapted permaculture to an urban or suburban context?

* 6. What do Holmgren's twelve design principles mean to you in an urban context? Provide some real world examples of their application.

* 7. Describe an example of how permaculture principles can go beyond horticulture/agriculture/gardening in an urban context. What other ways can permaculture design be applied in our cities?

* 8. How has permaculture changed your personal life?

* 9. What's the best way for beginners to learn and get involved with permaculture?

* 10. I learned permaculture by . . .