1. Welcome to the Batavia School District Superintendent Search Survey


The Batavia School District Board of Education is entering into a search for a new superintendent. The Board is interested in hearing from you regarding the strengths, challenges, goals, and personal attributes that will help determine the candidate who will be the best fit for our district. We would appreciate if you would take about ten minutes and complete this survey that will give direction to our Board as it moves forward in this process.

All responses are anonymous and confidential. The survey will close on September 21, 2012.

We request that each person respond only once to this survey. The survey is designed to allow only one response per computer.

Thank you for your effort in helping our Board of Education with this important task.

1. Please indicate the group that BEST represents you as you complete this survey.

2. Which areas do you consider as the top FIVE EDUCATIONAL STRENGTHS of the School District?

3. Which areas do you consider as the top FIVE TOP EDUCATIONAL CHALLENGES for the School District?

4. Which areas do you consider as the TOP FOUR MANAGERIAL OR ORGANIZATIONAL STRENGTHS of the District?

5. Which areas do you consider as the TOP FOUR ORGANIZATIONAL OR MANAGERIAL CHALLENGES for the School District?

6. Which of the following GOALS should the new superintendent focus upon in the first year? Please select up to FIVE answers.

7. Please choose the top FIVE characteristics/skills that you believe are most important for a person to be successful as the new superintendent of our School District.

8. What else would you like the board to consider as they conduct the superintendent search?