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On December 10, 2019, BART purchased 2150 Webster Street, Oakland, CA with the purpose of relocating its corporate headquarters (New BART HQ) and transforming its office space into a modern workplace of the future.

The New BART HQ is 244,287 square feet accommodating 1,300 employees. The District is issuing a Progressive Design-Build Contract for tenant improvement construction for the Renovation of the New BART HQ.

BART invites all applicable firms including Small, Local, Minority, Women, Disabled Veteran and LGBT-certified Businesses to actively participate in the tenant improvements to take place at 2150 Webster Street.  BART has established a Small Business participation goal of 30% for this Project.  A business does not have to be certified as one of the above referenced certification types in order to participate in the procurement process related to BART's new Headquarters Building. The link to the Available Subcontractors List is provided here.  If your firm is on this list, it has already been pre-qualified and is eligible to participate in the 2150 Webster Street Design-Build procurement process.

All Small Businesses wishing to participate in the procurement program established for this series of opportunities MUST BE PRE-QUALIFIED by BART.  We can help!    

You can complete the BART Small Business Pre-Qualification Process and Intake Form by answering the questions below.  Once completed, BART’s Procurement department will provide verification and approval.  If approved, your firm will be listed in the Available Subcontractors List referenced above.  

Should you need assistance – please contact: 

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* 1. Name of Person Submitting

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* 4. Which certifications does your company currently hold (check all that apply)?

*BART will count certified MBEs and WBEs ONLY from two databases. The list of certified minority and women firms can be found on BART’s website at Also, all certified minority or women Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) firms found in the database of the California Unified Certification Program (CUCP) are counted as minority or women businesses.

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* 5. What Contractor Licenses does your company currently hold?

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* 6. Has your company ever been debarred?

Debarment is the state of being excluded from enjoying certain possessions, rights, privileges, or practices and the act of prevention by legal means. BART will verify if your firm is not debarred through the System for Award Management (SAM).

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