1. For Animal Care Professionals, Spay/Neuter Providers, Shelter Workers and 501c3 Rescues

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Thank you for telling us about the work you're currently doing with dogs and your community. This questionnaire helps us both know if BADRAP's 'Camp' would be a good fit for your current goals. Please note that we require a letter of recommendation from a director or supervisor of your current organization.

* 1. Please provide the following information.

* 2. Please answer the following:

* 3. SKILLS? Please relate any skills you may bring to Camp: DVM, RVT, Dog Trainer, Bilingual, etc.

* 4. YOUR CHALLENGES. Please list, in order of greatest to least, the most significant challenges that you face with regard to helping pit bull type dogs in your shelter and/or in your community.

* 5. YOUR GOALS. What specifically do you hope to gain through your participation in BADRAP's Pit Ed Camp?

* 6.

TAKING IT HOME. Please explain how you plan to implement changes at your shelter or rescue as a result of your experience at Camp. Please be as detailed as possible and include who makes specific decisions, what changes you'd like to make, what barriers you face in making them, and your timeline.

* 7. IMPORTANT: Do you have support from staff and/or board members for the goals you hope to accomplish?

* 8. Your Preferred Dates

* 9. Disclaimers & Agreements:

I am aware that BADRAP's Camp can be an intensive, active, multi-day long training program.
I am aware that BADRAP's Camp involves hands on work with dogs and I accept the inherent risks involved.
I will provide a letter of recommendation from the director or a supervisor of the animal welfare group that I currently work with. Send to: donna@badrap.org
I agree to provide a written progress/implementation report to BADRAP within six months of completing Camp.
I understand that, in addition to Camp tuition of $100 per person, I am responsible for all of my travel, lodging and food costs unless arranged separately with BADRAP.
I would like to learn more about free housing in BADRAP's onsite guest cottage in exchange for doing 'dog chores' in the Rescue Barn.

* 10. Please provide any additional information that you feel might be useful to BAD RAP in reviewing your questionnaire and tailoring the Camp curriculum to your needs. THANK YOU for your time!