To help the College Counseling office get to know you as well as possible, please answer as thoroughly as you can the following questions. We are interested in both your school (academic and extracurricular) activities as well as your interests and experiences outside of school.

* 1. Student's Name

* 2. What phrases or adjectives would best describe you as a person?

* 3. What activities or interests provide you with the greatest satisfaction or sense of fulfillment?

* 4. What have been your strongest contributions to the school(s) you have attended?

* 5. At this point, what career path do you envision pursuing after college?

* 6. If you are involved with an organization or activity outside school that you feel is an important part of your life, please explain your involvement and provide some details about your participation. You might consider club sports, scouting, church youth groups, community service work, etc.

* 7. Do you feel that you have worked up to your potential in high school? Why or why not? (This may be a good place to discuss any circumstances in your life (school or non-school related) which have kept you from doing your best work.).