Please answer the questions below as thoroughly and candidly as possible. Your responses will be kept confidential unless you give us permission to quote from them, and the questionnaire will be destroyed once the college process has been completed. Thank you!

* 1. Name of Student

* 2. Name/Relation of Person Completing Form

* 3. Please comment on your son's strengths of personality and character.

* 4. Please comment on what you perceive to be those areas of personality and character development in your son that could stand improvement.

* 5. What is your son's attitude toward his academic work?

* 6. What are his academic strengths?

* 7. What are his academic weaknesses?

* 8. Please describe how your son interacts with peers.

* 9. What type of relationships does your son have with adults?

* 10. How would you describe your son's self-image?

* 11. Is there anything else you feel we should know about your son that might be helpful in our college counseling role or in writing his college letter, i.e., educational background, special family situation, learning disabilities, special medical history, personal achievements, etc?