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Trade Fair exhibitors are required to complete this application if they intend to erect a temporary structure on their trade fair site.
A temporary structure includes tents, marquees, stalls, signposts, scaffolding and ground anchoring/shoring systems or any other structure that is not permanent.
This application is NOT required for the erection of temporary cattle panels that are not fixed to the ground.

Please note that your structure MUST fit within the dimensions of your trade fair site.

When planning your site layout, you must take into consideration any footings, support plates, guy ropes etc. that may actually be bigger than the stated size of your structure.  Eg. a 10m x 12m marquee may have footings or supports that extrude past the 10m/12m length/width and therefor will not fit on a 10m x 12m site.

Structures that intrude on neighbouring sites will be dismantled at the exhibitor's expense.

* 1. Contact Details

* 3. Site Number(s)

* 4. Type of Temporary Structure

* 5. If your structure will be erected by a third party, please provide their details (marquee hire, event hire company etc.)

* 7. What materials is your structure made of? Canvas, vinyl, timber etc.

* 8. What is the total footprint of your structure including footings, bolts, guy ropes etc?

* 9. What is the height of your structure?

* 10. If you have a site plan or design showing the layout of your site & proposed structures, please upload here.

DOCX, DOC, JPEG, GIF, JPG, PDF, PNG file types only.
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* 11. If you don't have a site plan, please indicate the location of your structure from the grid above.


* 12. What date do you or your 3rd party plan to erect your structure?
Exhibitors can bump-in from Monday 30 April to Sunday 6 May 2018.